Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday; Mount Washmore, CONQUERED!

The weekly Housework meme!
Since the house is in decent shape and I was relatively caught up with the general housework, I decided to get ambitious and dedicate today to LAUNDRY!  The pile in the Laundry Room (better known as Mt. Washmore) has been taunting me for weeks.  I swear it's been breeding.  I would wash laundry, and the pile would not get any smaller... in fact, it would tend to grow.  So, today I decided to tackle it!

7:00 am.  There is a door behind that pile.  And supposedly a FLOOR under there, but I don't really remember what it looks like.  I started a load of laundry from this pile, and then got busy and folded the two clean loads that were in the livingroom from yesterday.....

9:00 am - Load 1 folded and then put away.

9:30 am - Load 2 folded and put away.

10:30 - load 3 folded and put away

11:00 am - load 4 is in the dryer, load 5 is in the washer, I'm finally starting to see progress.  Of course, the blankets, sheets, and comforters in the corner will have to wait until another day.  But I sorted thru them and got all the clothes that had been mixed into them sorted out :)

12:30 - load 4 is folded and put away!  I'm starting to confirm my theory that the laundry pile has been breeding.... I don't even RECOGNIZE some of these clothes.

1:30 pm - load 5 is folded and put away!  Load 6 is in the dryer and.....

I can see the FLOOR! 

Holy cow!  I can walk into my livingroom from the laundry room without wading knee deep through laundry and risking broken neck or twisted ankle!

2:30 pm - 6th load is folded and put away!  I was so excited to get that last load put away that I forgot to take a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it!

My husband got home from work and saw the floor in the laundry room (and the absence of piles of clean laundry in the livingroom) and declared an official Miracle of God.  And I don't feel too shabby about it myself!

Now, tomorrow is Anti-Procrastination Day - maybe I'll wash those blankets and sheets lurking in the corner...

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  1. That is awesome! Wow!! Want to come over and wash my clothes next? :)

  2. Oh I know what a chore it is to tackle the laundry mountain. Great Job! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. :)