Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Organization Challenge - The Kitchen - Week 1

I joined this challenge at A Bowl Full Of Lemons starting on Sept. 1st.  But since my computer wasn't working back then, I couldn't post my results.  But I can NOW!  So I will go thru and post the challenges that I completed, with my own pictures and links to the challenge!

Week 1 was The Kitchen!
See the "How To Organize The Kitchen" post and pictures of a beautiful kitchen!  This is what inspired me!  Seeing these pictures is what gave me the ideas that I implemented in organizing my kitchen!  Check it out!

This is my coffee and tea station! 
All the coffee & tea making supplies, coffee cups & mugs, my french press and coffee grinder... all in one cabinet!  This makes mornings so much easier!  Before this challenge I had mugs in one cabinet, coffee in another, coffee filters somewhere else... I had to go all over my kitchen to make a cup of coffee or tea!

Vitamin & Medicine cabinet! 
The small cabinet above the sink is now a vitamin and medicine cabinet!  I found these bins at the dollar store.  The green one holds children's medicine - like children's tylenol, benadryl, cold medicine.  So It's all in once place when I need it.  The white bin holds my various vitamins and supplements, along with cough drops.  There is also room up here for protien powder for smoothies and various other "health" items.

The re-organized food cabinet.  I got a long shallow wire basket to hold ramen noodle packets.  My kids are crazy for ramen!  The green basket is called the "Snack basket" and I keep it filled with healthy after school snacks the kids can choose from... like granola bars, apple sauce cups, raisins, etc.

The baking cabinet!
All in one place - everything that has to do with baking!  Flour, sugar, corn meal, pancake mix, and the seasonings commonly used for baking... like cinnamon and vanilla.  I love having this all in one place and I have actually made cookies from scratch twice already since organizing my kitchen!

The Plastics Area
Plastic food containers, ziplock bags & sandwich bags, and plastic wrap.  I also store tin foil here. 

Under the sink. 
I found a plastic basket to keep all the household cleaning supplies all in one place... plus it prevents them from falling over and rolling to the back of the cabinet!

Ahhh - nice and organized!
I used to feel like there wasn't enough space in my kitchen!  But once I did this project, I realized I HAD plenty of space, I just wasn't using it very well!  Sorry there are no "Before" pictures with this challenge, but you're better off not knowing!  I hope this blog inspires you to organize your own kitchen, or at least gives you some ideas on how to better use the space you have!  Don't forget to check out A Bowl Full of Lemons for step-by-step instructions on how to organize your kitchen!  And you can see links to other great blogs which have posted their kitchen organizing process and results too!


  1. Awesome job Wendy. Keep it up girl.

  2. Makes me want to go tackle the mess in my kitchen! Great work!