Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday's 13 - Halloween Party Prep List

      One blogging meme I have always loved doing is Thursday's 13.  Oh how I have missed you!  I'm a list-maker anyways... so having an excuse to make a list of thirteen things every Thursday is just.... divine!  So in re-joining the world of blogging, I just had to jump in with a Thursday 13.... and the timing is perfect because I really need a bit of a To-Do List to keep myself organized right now! 
      This Saturday is my son's birthday!  In between the moments when I become catatonic thinking to myself "Oh. My. Gosh. My. Baby. Is. Turning. SEVEN."... I have somehow managed to plan this huge Halloween themed birthday party for him!  Then sometime yesterday I realized that there are only a few days left until the party, and the panic really set in! Double the panic by throwing in a couple days of work where I wasn't home long enough to do anything, and here we have it, tomorrow is Thursday; my one day off before the party!  EEEEKKK! 

So here it is;
Thirteen Things I Need To Do Before The Party!

1) Buy his presents.  Well, buy at least one more thing to go with the two smaller gifts I already got him :) Edited 10:34 am Thursday.  DONE
2) Wrap his presents.  Which also involves buying the wrapping paper.  So does that count as one task, or two?  Hmmm...
3) Buy the last of the goodies for the party.  A couple prizes to give kids for the games we play, and some candy to send them home with.  Hey, I am entertaining these kids in my house for a couple hours... the least I can do is send them home to their parents with a sugar high!  It's called payback.  Or Karma.  Or whatever.... you owe me so don't complain! Edited 10:34 am Thursday.  DONE!
4) Clean up the back yard.  You know, check for broken glass, nails, trash, cat poop.  Because I don't want this crowd of hyper kids tracking poop or blood into my house.  That's just bad party ju-ju.  Edited 12:12 pm ThursdayDONE!
5) Once the yard is cleaned up a bit, figure out where things will be hidden for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  Then make the clues that will be part of the Scavenger Hunt game :) Edited 12:12 pm ThursdayDONE!
6) Get the trick-or treat pumpkin baskets out of the attic.  Because for some reason they didn't get brought down with the other Halloween stuff, and of course I need them for the other Halloween Game we will be playing! Edited Saturday 11:00 am - DONE!
7) Clean the house.... the usual daily stuff like dusting and washing dishes and putting away the toys and laundry.  (Thursday) Edited Thursday night DONE
8) Finish organizing the girl's bedroom closet.  Not that this really has to do with the Halloween party, but it's my project for the week and I really want to get it done before the weekend. Edited 2:38 pm ThursdayDONE!
9) Make a cake and decorate it.  Oh yeah, that. 
10) Make green jello jigglers and then put a few in each little plastic sandwich bag.  The "other game" I mentioned?  It's called Brain Toss and it's like a beanbag toss but we are using "Brains" (bags of green jello)... tossing them into those plastic pumpkin trick or treat buckets.  Oh yeah and the buckets will be on top of someone's head.  Yup.
11) Final pre-party cleaning. (Saturday) The mad dash to get the house nice just so a bunch of kids can come terrorize it.  Why do I torture myself?  Because I LOVE my son.  That's what I tell him anyways.
12) Set up the hidden clues around the yard for the scavenger hunt before the guests arrive.
13) Get the kids dressed in their Halloween Costumes.  Because oh yeah, did I mention it's a Costume Party too?
Meanwhile, try not to go insane. 


  1. I'm glad to see someone else plans their cleaning the way I do - day by day! LOL!

    Still, it's time to shift into overdrive - get to it!

    Happy TT in the meantime, though!

  2. You better hit the road, girl, to get all of that done! Presents before cleaning!

  3. Oh,what a fun party you've planned and how many things still need to get done. Good luck.

  4. #4 made me smile. Bad ju-ju must be avoided! Hope it's a great party.

  5. Wow- sounds like you have everything under control and it will be a fantastic party!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! My list is underway! I have bought the presents and the last of the goodies/candy for the party, so #1 and #3 are DONE!

  7. ....and #4, #5, and #8 are done!

  8. You know, I just went to a kid's birthday party where the hostess didn't even clean the bathrooms before the party. Now, that's a little extreme, but I'm all for having a relaxed party. No one will care if you didn't dust the mantle or vacuum the bedrooms. Give yourself some grace. (But I'd still clean the bathroom) :-)

    1. Great advice Sarah! I like to do what I call "Company Clean" - it's not perfect but it's presentable for guests! Bathroom & kitchen tidy, places to sit, no toys to trip on!