Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Holiday Centerpiece

To make a really simple Holiday centerpiece, all you need is a big glass (or plastic) vase that you're not using right now.  Then get some small "bulb" or "Ball" Christmas ornaments and some pine cones;
We had these pine-cones from last Christmas.  They were cinnamon scented and some of them are glittery or gold!  I found the pretty green ornaments at the dollar store, where I also found the "Holiday Pick" which adds the "spray" coming up from the top.

I simply filled the vase up with the pine cones and Christmas ornaments!  Very simple and a pretty centerpiece for your Holiday table!

This only cost me $2.  It was $1 for the green bulb ornaments, and $1 for the pretty tinsel spray coming out of the top.  I simply re-purposed a vase we have and the pine-cones from last Christmas!

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